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Blizzard, scrutinous with their character development, came to us to find actors with the depth and range to voice their main characters for WoW.  Our network proved valuable as we were able to provide actors from across the U.S. and outside the country that molded and shaped the Alliance and the Horde, and brought characters such as Yrel, Wraithion, Ga’Nar, Zul, Hagara and Rotag Gorash to life.

World Of Warcraft voice samples - HamsterBall Studios
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HamsterBall was asked to create an original “Bene-song” for their Girl O’Clock Rock kit that would play when the collection was opened.  A fun collaboration ensued between us, a writer at Benefit, and the singer-songwriters who harmonized their way to a girl power anthem.

"Over the years, we’ve done a monster truck game with a booming, testosterone fueled voiceover and punk honkytonk soundtrack; countless voiceovers in different styles; and most recently recorded an original “girl pop” song. Not only was it perfect, but the process was painless and fun. I can’t tell you how unusual that is in this business.
Bottom line: I have total confidence in HamsterBall because they’re creative,
have incredible range, and always deliver
a world-class product."
Helen Gaughran
Global Lead Storyteller
Benefit Cosmetics
"I’ve been using HamsterBall exclusively for all VO projects for several years. Their talent pool is top-of-the-line and their editing and sound quality can’t be beat. Whether I’m recording a Web video or national TV spot, my favorite thing is the speed. From casting, to recording to final output, their responsiveness and sense of urgency is ideal for fast turn-around projects."
Todd Lauer
VP, Brand and Creative

What started as a collection of online tutorials for potential LendingTree customers morphed & grew in scope, and now HamsterBall is providing turnkey voice-over casting & producing for LendingTree’s broadcast and online campaigns.

"Randy just gets it. When it comes to establishing the right tone and cadence when we work with voice talents, he has that experience and direction that truly is so beneficial in getting the most out of bringing our written words to life."
Parker Paul
Senior Motion Director

The World's Best Talent
for Voice, Music and Sound Design.

"I've been working with HamsterBall Studios, and Randy specifically,
for over a decade. He gets first call for all my voice over needs. He's professional, reliable, talented and I always get outstanding results. He just makes the job easy and I trust my projects will get the best talent, performance and audio quality. Always on time, and at a great value."
Geoff Scott
VP, Product

We Are Different. We'll Admit It. 
It's What Makes Us Uniquely... Us.

HamsterBall Studios is an international company providing the world's best talent for your voice, music and sound design. 

Our job is to get the best talent and the best audio for your project and your budget. So we aggressively use technology to both expand our talent pool world-wide and to minimize costs.

We believe in the practicality of controlling overhead (and therefore pricing) by maintaining facilities that are creative and productive places, not ego-feeding impractical showrooms.

We believe that the best compliments are not awards or inflated margins, but whether or not a client comes back. 

And we believe that if you come to us, no matter how large or small your project, when we accept the responsibility to take it on it will be done right.

As a road-proven keyboard player in touring rock and roll bands, Randy Ryan figured out that your office is wherever you are, as long as you can do the job you were hired to do. While some of our best talent comes from L.A. or New York City, it also comes from the Midwest, Central America, Canada, Europe, Asia and even Australia. We have talent from almost every continent, because that's where we find the right talent for each project. (By the way, if you know any exceptional talent in Antarctica...)

After thousands of digital productions, we have found our groove in working with the world's best talent in voice, music and sound design for gaming, digital media, and broadcast. Give us a call and we'll start the conversation about helping you with your next project. 


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