Randall Ryan is The Voice Director

Directing the world's best talent for over two decades, Randall Ryan shares helpful tips for talent, virtually anywhere.

Selling your brand and protecting your image.

Your brand and your image are what you have to sell. There is nothing shady about selling yourself. Understand what you offer and how you want to share that with others who can buy your services.

It takes more than talent to be a professional working voice actor. Build your business.

Talent is essential to be a voice actor, but that's not all that it takes to be successful. Success is about improving your talent, but also about building your business and constantly working it.

Submit your auditions as early as you can to give yourself the best chance for the role.

When you get an audition, don't wait until the deadline to submit. The earlier you submit, the better the likelihood is that you'll be heard and may even be the standard-bearer. 

Selling is part of the job if you want to be a professional, working voice actor. 

Networking, marketing, and selling are as important or more important if you want to have a voice acting career. Be authentic. Know that promoting yourself is part of the job.

Auditioning multiple takes and characters for videogames.

Auditioning more than one take of a character is a good idea to spark ideas, show your range, and occupy space in the minds of casting directors, even potentially for future castings.

Emotes are the acting of reacting in videogames.

Knowing how to create emotes that are in character are essential to videogame acting. And, knowing how to take care of your voice while delivering emotes is just as important.

How to audition for different roles in a video game.

Even if you have done videogame acting, make sure you create your audition as a continuous character and don't provide different characters in the same take. (Just offer different takes for different characters.)

The same skills that you use to sing transcend into your voice acting performances.

Many exceptional voice actors are also skilled singers. Vocalizing requires many of the same abilities across both singing and speaking. 

When it comes to voice acting, the acting comes first!

Successful voice acting takes more than just having a good voice. As the name says, acting is key to being a voice actor.

Before you spend money on better equipment, work on a better recording environment.

People get caught up in equipment envy, but if you want to do something that really makes you sound better, make sure your recording environment is silent, first.

Which microphone should I buy?

Can a microphone make a difference for your voice acting career? It sure doesn't hurt. But before you drop big bucks, try out and test as many microphones as you can so you find the right microphone to highlight your voice.